Side-Effects of Clenbuterol -

What Are They?

The side-effects of Clenbuterol; no one can deny, of just about anything you can put into your body the side-effects of Clenbuterol can be more annoying than just about anything else. A Beta-2 stimulator commonly used by anabolic steroid users in an effort to burn fat at a higher rate, the side-effects of Clenbuterol are by far more bothersome than just about any anabolic steroid, and carry a dangerous effect that is once again beyond any anabolic steroid. Even so, this can be an extremely safe thermogenic, but as with most things in life the key to safety is avoiding abuse. If you grab hold of the "more is better" mantra, you're going to run into trouble, and you're not going to do anything to speed your fat-loss up. Responsible use, and with such use the side-effects of Clenbuterol can largely be controlled; let's take a look.

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Cardiac Hypertrophy:

Before we dive into the primary side-effects of Clenbuterol, let's take a look at the most dangerous possible effect; cardiac hypertrophy which refers to enlarged ventricles of the heart. This is obviously an extremely dangerous effect; after all, the end result can be death. Before we all freak out, it's important that you understand an important truth; cardiac hypertrophy is only going to occur in a healthy adult if they are abusing the substance; after all, if you take too much Aspirin you'll die, but most will only remedy a headache if they use it responsibly. In this case, for cardiac hypertrophy to occur you will need large doses for extended periods of time; in some cases, responsible doses that are implemented far past the recommended duration of use may cause a problem. For this reason, it is imperative no man surpasses 140mcg per day, and no woman 120mcg per day; further, maximum doses should never be used for more than 2-3 weeks during any Clenbuterol cycle. Moreover, 16 weeks of total use should never be surpassed, and if you look at the Clenbuterol dosage and Cycle links, you'll find the precise dosing and how to measure it out in a safe and effective way.


As Clen is a stimulant, the primary side-effects of Clenbuterol will revolve around this factor, and that is exactly why they can be so annoying. The primary side-effect almost all will endure is extreme stimulation; so strong your hands can shake and you feel like you just consumed a pot of coffee in about 20 seconds. For some individuals, this wired feeling will be so strong they will not be able to use Clenbuterol at all, but in most cases, your body will adapt to Clen, and it will be very manageable. Of course, the side-effects of Clenbuterol can also include insomnia; talk about annoying. Once again, it will be more than some people can take, but if we take all of our Clen early in the day, as soon as we wake up in the morning most will not have a problem. Then there are headaches; some get headaches when they apply any stimulating type drug, even caffeine, and while your body will probably adapt, as unique individuals some will not be able to handle it. It should be noted; most will not have a headache issue.

Secondary Side-Effects of Clenbuterol:

There are a few side-effects of Clenbuterol that are the rarest of all, and of the rare effects if any are most common it is muscle cramps. Clen can deplete taurine; taurine is an amino acid. This is an amino acid that is not found in abundance in the human body; however, it is responsible in-part for regulating minerals in the body such as salt and calcium and even our water to a degree. As taurine levels fall, this can lead to cramping, but many will find with a little extra water and perhaps extra sodium if their sodium levels are low will take care of the problem. Of course, for assurance, supplementing with taurine along with extra water and possible sodium should remedy the problem every time. Beyond cramps, possible side-effects of Clenbuterol include nausea, excess sweating, and even vomiting; while sweating may be a little common, nausea and vomiting are extremely rare side-effects of Clenbuterol.